What are the Best Bilingual International Schools in Munich

Many people who are moving to Munich from abroad with children of school age will consider sending their children to an international school. 

There are good reasons for this, as it is often to easier to integrate at the beginning into an environment where German is not the primary language of instruction.  In addition, children are exposed to English and German, and to a curriculum that takes into account that they are often not native German speakers.

The downside is these schools are often not cheap and can be competitive to gain entry to.  

Here we give you an overview of the various international schools in Munich, as well as breaking down what fees they charge.  

With this information, you should hopefully be able to decide which school is right for your child, and what it will cost.


St George’s School

LOCATION: Heidemannstraße 182, 80939 München

AGES: 4-18



St George’s describes itself as being on a mission to develop the child as a whole – forming character, developing strengths, manners, skill and confidence, not only transferring knowledge.

They strive to make sure learning is the product of investigation and experimentation. Through innovative teaching, they encourage independence and resilience, whilst developing a critical, questioning mind.  

Intercultural communication, mutual respect and understanding are prerequisites for successful learning. This, combined with fluency in English, is the best possible preparation for the future in a globally connected world.  

All teachers are fully qualified, and hold either a degree in education or post-graduate teaching diploma. The majority of teachers speak English as a first language and have prior experience in the British education system.

REVIEWS: 4.2 Stars on Google 


Bavarian International School

LOCATION: Leopoldstraße 208, 80804 München and Hauptstraße 1, 85778 Haimhausen

AGES: 4-18