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Why you should book a professional painter

You can book a painter at Smoover with your move service. We are happy to bundle the painting service with the moving service and issue one invoice for easy reimbursement. So make it easy for yourself to return your security deposit on the apartment when you move out.

Just let us know on WhatsApp when booking your move. We can also provide the painting services without a move. Please note that the minimum price is 1000€ regardless of what is to be painted.

Try our calculator (Please use Desktop PC)

With this calculator, you can get an idea of the approximate painting price. As always, the actual price can vary and it’s best and easiest if you just contact us and we can clarify the details.

The best painter for the job

In Germany, it is common to paint an apartment before you move out. If you are too busy to do it yourself, we can organize everything for you. It mostly depends on your region, the complexity and level of finish required, and how far out you let us know to manage the painter. As a guide, for an 80m² apartment, the cost to paint just the walls is roughly 1000-1400€ for a single layer of paint. The additional fee would apply for ceilings, doors, radiators, or complicated architecture.

If you move into a new apartment, your landlord most likely will have it already painted. Accordingly, the expectation is that you paint it before you move out.

This can also be arranged if you need some areas touched up or perhaps some plastering work done to cover up holes or scratches.

Reasons for a professional painter

Painters and varnishers are responsible for all types of painting. They take care of all types of visible and invisible coatings on walls and ceilings indoors and outdoors on all surfaces, such as plaster, wood, concrete, metal, or plastic. The painter’s field of activity also includes painting windows and doors.

The most important working techniques include priming, wallpapering, filling, sanding, painting, spraying, dipping, and flooding. Tools of the painter are brushes, paint rollers, spatulas, spraying devices, spray guns, varnishes, and solvents.

A painter works both inside and outside on ladders and scaffolding for facades. The work of the painter also includes setting up the scaffolding.

What do you need to consider when booking a painter?

When moving, buying an apartment, or new home furnishings, painting the walls is very important. A specialist is particularly in demand for colors in which different painting techniques are used. The painter also takes on color advice and the planning and implementation of the painting work. If you want a perfectly painted wall or facade, you should always hire a professional painter!

A master painter can also take on the design and technical advice for order and even create a design concept. He also advises on the extent of painting work on all possible substrates, such as effectiveness, durability, protective function, insulation, and more.

The average cost of painting when you book a painter

On average, painters cost around €10 per square meter as the pure costs for the painting work. In addition, there is covering and repair work, such as filling bumps and holes or constructing a scaffold. These are separate costs that have to be requested separately.

It would be best if you also considered the material costs for the painting either. Good facade paint for outdoors is available between €1.50 and €3 per square meter, plus the cost of the primer, which costs €0.50 per square meter. Indoors, the cost of square meters is €1.6 to €6 for the color.

How do I recognize a good painter?

A specialist knows various painting techniques, knows all about the different types of paints and substrates, and advises on the correct implementation.

The painters who work with us are vetted and have done top-quality work in the past. Suppose there is an issue, we guarantee to resolve it together with you and the painter until everything is exactly as you want it to be. Your landlord will be happy with the work and pay you back the full security deposit. We can guarantee that your landlord will not keep the security deposit because the painting was poorly done.

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