Discount Voucher for your Next Move


At Smoover, we value repeat customers.  We also operate at the cutting edge of technology, and so rather than a simple discount voucher, we have something a bit more interesting.  


Our voucher is embedded into an NFT – a scarce digital collectible that is transferable on the Ethereum blockchain.  So what does that mean?


If you have one of Smoover’s special NFT vouchers, you can cash it in to get money off your next move, you can send it to other people who want to move, or you can even sell it on the open marketplace. 


In order to take advantage of this hi-tech voucher, you will need an Ethereum wallet (instructions on downloading and setting up a wallet here).


However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to set up an Ethereum wallet, then we also have a regular voucher, which you can redeem through us for your next booking.  It is essentially the same, although you do not necessarily ‘own’ it in the same way, and you cannot trade it.


If you have any questions about the voucher, just get in touch with one of our moving coordinators, who will be happy to explain things in more detail.