Moving to Munich: Giesing

If you are moving to Munich and are still looking for a great place, you can consider Giesing. It was a former lower-class worker district and thus was a bit rundown most of the past. Therefore rents were always significantly lower than in other parts. As in other cities around the world, this leads to gentrification. Now It’s not so much of a hidden gem as it was 10 years ago. Housing and rent prices probably increased around 10% every year in the past decade. But the benefits are worthwhile: You are very close to every important location. Public transport is ubiquitous. A lot of great possible employers are around 15 min away. The area is very family-friendly. This will become obvious the moment you take a walk through the area, especially on a Sunday. There are young families with children everywhere. Of course, if you go down to the Isar river, the picture intensifies. There are a lot of people! Other great benefits are the number of restaurants, schools, supermarkets, and even some small trendy clothing stores.

The bicycle: If you move to a central area like Giesing, you will notice that having a car is more of a liability than an asset. Because there are so many public transport options and bicycle roads are available, but parking spaces are scarce, it’s easier and cheaper to just ditch the car. So if you move to Munich, better bring your bicycles. Smoover will take care of your move, and you can sell your car, come by train, and have enough money for rent. Because this is an unfortunate reality. Even more in Au-Haidhausen: Rents are high.

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If you finally managed to find a place, don’t hesitate and contact us to get the best moving offer to come to this great city!

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