How to live like a digital nomad in the post-Covid world

How to live like a digital nomad in the post-Covid world

Work from anywhere

Running an online business while being confined in my apartment in Germany often makes me dream about how it will be once we can travel again. I want to leave Munich and have some adventures: explore foreign cultures, hear another language, smell exotic food and all the other exciting moments one experiences when diving into the unknown. Something that was part of my identity is on a strict hold since the pandemic hit.  However, the desire to enjoy future adventures remains, and it is something that allows me to endure the monotonous routine that is accompanying me through the pandemic. 

I assume travel will be possible once ~70% of the population is vaccinated and immigration offices come to some sort of agreement that makes travel possible again without quarantine. Let’s hope this will be the case in the second half of 2021. Despite a tremendous success in the global collaboration to find multiple vaccines the logistical task of getting the goods to everyone is unfortunately hindered by lack of capability in most central planning offices. 


Make use of Airbnb

Anyhow … whenever the day will come and travel will be possible again I would like to rent my apartment in Munich and live and work for some time in different, exotic places. In my case I would like to live for some months in Montevideo (I enjoy Latin American language and culture).

Of course it would be nice if my apartment could be enjoyed by someone else in the meantime. I would use Airbnb to find someone for at least two months as I have very good experiences with previous longer-term bookings.  The last occupants were a couple of opera singers from New York. In this case my neighbors had some funny stories! Friends in similar situations sometimes would take a few of their personal items and bring them to a small storage unit at MyPlace or similar companies. Anything of real value that I have is in the cloud therefore it was always a very frictionless process to rent out my apartment. Another friend who went on a world-trip and decided to get rid of his apartment and most of his things and put his most precious items into storage until he returned. We sent him a team who picked up around 5m³ and put it into storage for 90€ a month. Our friend left with a backpack and came back 18 months later. We had a nice apartment lined up for him, brought his items in from the storage, and even went the extra mile by purchasing some beautiful items from eBay Kleinanzeigen to furnish the new apartment. 


Have your essentials moved by Smoover

So if you have a similar dream, to explore another city and live there for some time, starting to plan it now is a good idea. We can help you and bring things into storage and have everything ready when you are back. Every cloud has silver lining, in this case the pandemic has triggered a revolution in digital labour practices and as a result given those willing to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle more freedom than ever before.


Tax deductable invoice

Of course you will receive an invoice including VAT after the move. You can use this to deduct the cost in a tax favorable way as a business expense or ask your employer to refund you.

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