Moving In Bundle

Are you moving into a new apartment? Do you want to to ensure a smooth start? Then we have the solution for you: Moving, painting and deep cleaning services as one bundle. 

Easy to book. Move smoothly to your new apartment.

1) Moving

We take care of your move. Whether it’s just a few boxes, or moving large furniture with assembly-service to a different country. We can do it!

2) Painting

We will make sure the apartment looks as good (probably better) as before! 

3) Cleaning

As a last step the apartment will be deep cleaned. Kitchen, bathroom, windows, everything will sparkle as new!

Change apartments without trouble - book a Moving In Bundle

You finally passed all the interviews for a great new job in a new city and want to move there before the next month? Now that all the stress for the hiring process is behind you, the contract for the new apartment is signed, the realization that you still need to organize the move hits. Additionaly, you remember that you want the security deposit from your old apartment back as it would come in handy for the new security deposit or the summer holiday.  

The security deposit challenge

To get the full deposit back you are asked to paint the apartment and leave it clean. Now all the cooking sessions show the aftermath: Oven, stove, fridge, cabinets don’t look like before.

Why we are offering a Moving In Bundle

Moving, painting, cleaning sound like a lot of work to organize! Even worse if you actually want to do the work yourself. Over the years we got a lot of feedback from our customers who had booked a move that it’s a very stressful period in their lifes and they appreciated our support to have a smooth move. We wanted to evolve and help more. This is what lead us to offer move bundles that include moving, painting and cleaning. To really make changing apartments a smooth experience.

Employer subsidized Moving In Bundle

In 2022 we started partnering with companies that now include move bundles as benefits for new hires. We think this is great and is a really useful benefit. Making the transition to a new job and city as frictionless as possible reduces ramp-time and increases hapiness for employees. If your company does not yet offer Smoover moving bundles, you should ask them! We issue one invoice for the service bundle, all services are carried out by professionals and insured by Allianz.

One invoice for all your services

Whether your employer who provides you with a relocation budget or you pay for the move yourself: We will issue one invoice for all services – this also helps when you will claim a tax rebateMoving, cleaning and even painting is possible. Get the Smoover Relocation bundle: Sit back, relax, and let Smoover do the rest.

Move out package

What Our Customers say

SMOOVER is all about providing the best possible service experience: Low stress, perfect planning, and execution while maintaining transparent communication on WhatsApp. Our customers appreciate this – a lot. See for yourself our latest reviews here:

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Advantages of moving services

Interested in our Moving In Bundle?

You can reach out to us on WhatsApp and we will guide you through the process. You will be amazed how easy it is.