Moving in times of Covid-19 / Coronavirus

Briefing about the Coronavirus.

Moving during coronavirus is still possible.



Impact on the worldwide economy

The Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the economy worldwide. Whole countries are in lockdown. Some countries already feel the effects more than others. Italy has one worst faiths.


Dax during coronavirus

Impact on the moving business

We at SMOOVER definitely notice the impact this has on people’s plan: Moving requests are down. There is a lot of uncertainty now for moving during coronavirus pandemic. Already booked moves are either postponed or cancelled.


As always, we strive to give the best service to our customers. That’s why we will refund without questions already booked moves or offer to rebook them at a date in the future without additional cost.


We will further stay in line with governmental suggestions and regulations. If there is a lockdown for all businesses we will not perform moves. If the lockdown does not include service businesses like moving businesses, we will carry out the move.


Further, our teams are briefed to only work when they show no symptons and undergo increased higene, like washing hands.


Life goes on. We will be around if you need us

If you want to get a quote or already make plan for moving during coronavirus with full flexibility to change them, we are happy to respond to your request. Simply fill out our form on SMOOVER. As always, we guarantee you that we will be able to perform your move with the 1) best price, 2) best service and 3) best communication. If you want to know more about our business check this page here.

Life goes on

Life goes on

Stay safe!



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