Professional Art Transport

At SMOOVER we can also transport art across Europe. We have expertise in transporting paintings, statues and other unique high value items. We work together with Allianz insurance to make sure that your unique art items are fully covered during transport.


We have the following process:

Art Transport Process

Art Transport Process


We always start by collecting the measurements of all the art pieces. This is true for paintings, statues, and other unique items that require special care.

Prepare boxes:

Depending on the type and fragility of the item we prepare the correct packaging.

Especially for larger paintings, we will prepare wooden boxes similar to the one below.

Woodden Box for Painting

Woodden Box for Painting

It’s possible that the paintings are smaller and we can fit multiple into one box:

Painting multi-box

Painting multi-box

The price for such a custom-built box will be, depending on dimensions around 1000€ + tax. 


On the move day a back protection (acid-free archival cardboard) will be attached to the art to secure the large paintings against damage on the canvas. 

Then the art is wrapped in Tyvek and then into another layer of PE bubble wrap. Once wrapped the art will be fitted into the box and the inner padding will consist of Ethafoam as padding. Paintings are backed with vibration protection (packing fleece).

For fitting especially large art we might bring a skilled restorer as large canvases need to be re-adjusted prior to transport to avoid large vibrations which could lead to damage. 

Art Transport

It is not uncommon that the preparation of 10 paintings will cost between 5,000€ and 10,000€. But ultimately this will reduce the risk of damage tremendously. 

Multiple objects packed

Multiple objects packed

If you plan on moving your art collections from Munich to your new home in Spain. France or Monaco this is money well spent. 



With our partner Allianz, we can insure your art for up to 5,000,000€. We will discuss the value of your collection prior and then speak to our underwriter. 

What are you waiting for? Book your art transport on SMOOVER.