Relocate from Europe to Norway – customs specifics

Are you planning to Relocate from Europe to Norway? Have you gone through the custom specifications?

Smoover can help you to relocate from Europe to Norway and help you with all the details of custom specifications so that you don’t face any problem afterward.

We know that there are several rules related to customs that can cause problems while moving from Europe to Norway if you are not aware of them.

Contact us today and we can help you with all the custom-related rules to ensure a hassle-free move from Europe to Norway.

Relocate from Europe to Norway

Norway is a great country with beautiful nature and great job opportunities. Save yourself the hassle and let us organize the move for you. We will ensure an economically viable and efficient moving experience.

Customs Specific rules for relocation from Europe to Norway

When you move from the EU to Norway you are practically leaving Europe and exporting your items. It’s important you are aware of the rules to avoid being surprised by a big customs bill. Of course, we know the pitfalls and will share all the documentation with you.


Customs Costs

We are constantly evaluating different customs providers to ensure the most reasonable rates for exporting goods from the EU to Norway when relocating. We will pass the cost through to our customers.



A relocation from the EU to Norway will result in a VAT free invoice. Of course this is not tax advise. This is great because it will practically lower the total cost for you, the customer.


Book your smooth move to Norway today

So what are you waiting for? We assure you a smooth move experience from the EU like Germany to Norway. Just fill out the “get a quote” form today and we will get in touch shortly.


All the best,

Your Smoover Team

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