Relocation Concierge

Smoovr offers to completely organize your move.

Moving is usually considered a stress-full event. We change that for you. With our framework we break down “the move” into the various sub-tasks. Our team members then perform each with the experience of hundreds of moves. Rest assured, that by booking us you will have the smoothest moving experience.


How we break down your move:

1) Gather requirements – Client

To start we require the basic information about your move from you. You can fill out our form here. If you want, you can also send us a video of all your items via WhatsApp here.

2) Estimate efforts – Smoovr

Based on your inputs, we can calculate the number of workers, the size of the truck, and the additional equipment required.

3) Share offer – Smoovr

Next, we will share our offer with you or your company. If accepted, we will go ahead and add your move to our calendar.

4) Move preparation – Smoovr

There are various preparatory tasks which we perform. E.g. we will organize the no-parking zones for both start and destination addresses because we need space to park the truck(s). This will reduce the walking distance. Also, you might have elected to have boxes received to do your own packing. If you want the most relaxed experience, we highly suggest you let us do the packing: In this case, we would allocate the number of boxes and packing materials required and make sure the team has everything they need on the big day. Then we perform some more internal preparation tasks, like selecting the team, allocating the properly sized van(s), – if required – adding an external elevator and booking a hotel for the team in case it’s a multi-day move.

5) Packing – Smoovr

If you have booked the packing option, the team will either allocate half- or a full day just for the packing. This ensures we have enough time to protect all your belongings properly. Did you know that packing is a skill as well? We make sure, that all moving teams have received training in how to handle your goods. From expensive china to paintings to carpets and pianos. The Smoovr teams know how to pack it!


To ensure that boxes also wind up in the right spot, they will be labeled.


6) The actual move – Smoovr

Once all floors are covered, items are properly secured in boxes, and furniture is dismantled and protected, the move starts. The movers will carefully load the truck(s) and secure the load against unwanted motion during transport. This can take up to half a day. Once done, they will check the starting address for any damages on the walls, hallway, missed items, etc. Then they will start the tour. Depending on whether it’s a direct move or via storage, the destination changes accordingly.