Get your company to pay your relocation cost within Germany

Get your new company to pay for your move. What to look out for?

Are you one of the many employees who took advantage of the recent shift in employment? Did you hear of the great resignation or the great reshuffle that has been coined by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella? It’s indeed a great time to switch jobs. Not only inflation is very high, also labor is in strong demand and you can expect to earn a higher salary in the double digits percentage wise. So you found a new job, but it’s in another city? No problem. Your employer will be able to deduct the cost to relocate any new employees very favorably.


Reduce stress when you switch jobs

Do you know what’s stressful? Moving jobs. Changing cities. Moving houses or apartments. We can definitely help you with the latter. You relax and share some infos via your phone and we’ll do the heavy lifting. Your wallet won’t even feel a thing, because your employer will pay the bill as part of your benefits package. Just make sure you ask them ahead of time and ideally before signing that this is a benefit that you would appreciate.

How your employer will pay for your move

In the current economic climate it’s very difficult to find qualified employees. Therefore employers will try their best to show themselves from their best side by providing benefits. How will they do this?


In every case you will need an invoice!! This is very important. Of course Smoover is a qualified German company with tax and insurance registration in Germany and will provide you a proper invoice at the end of your move.

Invoice in their name

The company will ask you to organize the move yourself but to have the invoice in their name. This is not a problem at all. We will first provide you with an offer and the final invoice we will enter the company’s details as per your instructions. You or us will forward this invoice to the HR department who will then transfer the payment.

Reimbursement of the move cost

Some employers prefer for their future new employees to lay out the cost and then to reimburse them. This is also not a problem as we issue the invoices in line with corporate and HR policies. All data and taxes are explicitly mentioned and our company has the proper tax registration in Germany.


Multiple offers

Some companies want you to be budget-conscious on their behalf and request you to hand in multiple offers of similar quality services and will then choose the lowest price. We cannot guarantee that we are the lowest price as quality has it’s price. But our prices are certainly more competitive when compared to large relocation agencies like Santa Fe or Eichenseer.


Get your quote today

You see it definitely is very beneficial to communicate early to your HR department that you would like Smoover to take care of your relocation. So get a quote today and we will get in touch with you shortly to guarantee you a smooth move.



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