Video Instructions

We need to estimate the volume and requirements of your move to guarantee accurate planning. The offer for your move will be a fixed price offer and we will base this offer on the information shared with us. The easiest way for you to provide this information is to send us a video of all the items you want to move.

After you've filled out our form we might ask for videos to clarify certain assumptions. You can share these videos on the WhatsApp group chat with us.

Consider the following hints for successful videos

Hold Phone Horizontally

To fit more in, hold your phone horizontally. Then record.


Focus on the big items like wardrobes, cabinets and kitchen.

Pan Slowly

Slowly pan over the contents of a room.  Focus on each item of furniture.

Lights On

Make sure the lighting is good so the video is clear.


Its important to show the parking situation and stairs or lift.

All rooms?

Make sure you don't forget about a room! (or basement, cupboard, shed, etc.)