We move all your belongings into storage – one fixed price

Move all your belongings to safe storage with Smoover


We move all your belongings to safe storage at one fixed price


Do you want to work as a digital nomad from abroad and not pay rent in your home country? Opportunities, new cultures, and food are waiting for you.


Are you stuck in a foreign country and don’t want to pay rent anymore for your unused apartment in your home country? Not a problem, just let us know your details and we will pack up your apartment for you and deliver it to storage.


Maybe you are allowed to work from home but are tired of suffering through the German winter?


storage for your belongings -smoover


Downsize your apartment

How about this for an idea?  Downsize, live minimally, and relocate to somewhere exotic and cheap for a few months.  If you only need an internet connection in order to do your job and are not restricted by ties like family, then the digital nomad life may be for you. 


So if you fancy spending the next six months in Thailand or Madagascar, then Smoover can help!   We can store all your belongings for less than 100€/month*.

We will carry out as much of the shifting as you want us to. The all-inclusive package includes:

  • We pack your belongings into boxes and write down the content and room on each box
  • We dismantle your large furniture and attach all loose parts to the furniture so we or you can reassemble it at a later date
  • We pack everything up and drive it to our storage partner where we will unload your belongings.
  • We will send you a picture of the locker number and the lock number combination via WhatsApp

Once you are ready to come back, just give us a ping on WhatsApp and we will deliver your items to your new place.

relocation with Smoover

Move to a country with a low cost of living

Some quick back-of-the-envelope calculations show that you can basically live “for free” by stopping rent payments in Germany when you would move to Thailand:


*Assuming you pay 1200€ rent per month in Germany and below are your costs in Thailand:


Cost position Cost per month in EUR
Rent per month in Thailand 400
Living expense in Thailand  400
Locker cost in Germany 100
Total 900


  • The one-time cost of bringing all your items to storage and back is 800€ (400€ each). 


So we have monthly costs in Thailand of 900€ and one-time costs to bring your items into the storage of 800€. The monthly “savings” would be 300€, so you would be breaking even on the one-time moving cost after less than 3 months. This means as soon as you are moving to Thailand for more than 3 months you are basically living for free!


What are you waiting for?


Just pack your bag and do it! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


If you are living in a densely populated city where it’s difficult to find apartments like in Munich (see our guide on how to find an apartment here), you might not want to move out permanently. 


For this scenario, it might be a good idea to rent your apartment for a 3-6 months period (or however long you want to stay abroad) via Airbnb or wg-gesucht. Now you want to leave your furniture to rent your apartment as furnished, but you don’t want to have your private belongings laying around. Here we can help you as well:


Prepare your apartment

The Smoover “get your apartment ready for Airbnb-Kit”:

  • We send you 10 boxes (or however many you need)
  • We pick them up
  • We store them
  • We deliver them back to you once you return

The total price for this would be 500€ incl tax for a 6 months period if you are living in Munich. 



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